Announcing the names of the new Trainees accepted in the 2016 Film & Commercial Programs...

Back row left to right:
Chris Zou ('16), Paul Alary ('16), Jake Leibowitz (comm '16), Jim Lanier ('16), Larry McGee ('18), Mike Polisano (comm '18), Matt Smith (comm '16), Alan Morgan ('17), Nick DuVarney ('17), Davis Woodall ('18)

Middle row:
Sandra Forman (Administrator), Amrita Kundu ('17), Carrie Hunter ('18), Samantha Melville (comm '17), Kyler Griffin ('18), Abby Pierson ('17), Findlay Zotter ('16)

Front row:

Wendy Granger ('16), Alana Bonilla ('16), Melina Greene ('16), Rachel Sikora ('18), Sarah Harding ('18), Abel Herrera (comm '18), Melissa Garcia ('18)

The New York Assistant Director Training Program announces the names of Trainees accepted into the 2016 Film Program:

Melissa Garcia
Kyler Griffin
Sarah Harding
Carrie Hunter
Larry McGee
Rachel Sikora
Davis Woodall

2016 NY Commercial Program:
Abel Herrera
J. Michael Polisano

2016 LA Commercial Program:
Amber Boynton
Jason Lawliss

Congratulations are also in order to all of the Trainees that graduate from the Program this summer:

Paul Alary
Alana Bonilla
Shauna Frontera
Wendy Granger
Melina Greene
Jim Lanier
Jake Leibowitz
Matt Smith
Javier Vazquez
Findlay Zotter
Chris Zou

left to right:
2nd AD Frankie Pagnotta, DGA Contracts Coordinator Jenna Falcone, DGA Assistant Executive Director Daniel Tenkman, Los Angeles ADTP Assistant Administrator Laure Scott, AICP Vice President of Labor Relations Jane Nunez, 1st AD Tim Lovekin, New York ADTP Program Administrator Sandra Forman, 2nd AD Don Johnson, and 2nd AD Javier Vazquez. (seated) Jason Lawliss and Amber Boynton.

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