Announcing the names of the new Trainees accepted in the 2017 Film & Commercial Programs...


"We snapped this picture while I was working on Season 13 of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. In this crew alone were four generations of Trainees in vastly different roles on the show ranging from the creative to the administrative all the way down to the coffee getting variety. I have been fortunate to learn from Writer/1st AD, Stuart Feldman, Director/Producer, Mike Smith & 2nd AD, Michelle Regina. It just goes to show that there are endless possibilities once you finish the program."
- Jake Brown (class of '13)

"Such opportunities are the hallmark of the Training Program. In a fast-paced, involved industry, being a Trainee affords you the opportunity to experience (and adapt to) new things, to ask questions, and to meet lots and lots of people. All this occurs while you are actively working in production of films and television."
- Jeremy Marks (Class of '09)

"I had the opportunity to work in the production office, did lock ups during shooting, was responsible for the production report, assisted with talent contracts, helped set background, liaised with multiple departments; and was present for just about every request that came over the walkie. As a Commercial Trainee, I had an integral part to play in the success of a shoot and loved every minute of not having a minute." - Otis Fung (Commercial class of '09)

"...there is a little secret that not everybody talks about, and that is the unique sense of belonging that DGA trainees find in each particular assignment. We are AD's in training, yes, but we are also there to build a family comprised of long lasting friends, weave a web of well-connected colleagues and be part of a story full of unforgettable moments recorded only in the minds of those behind the cameras." - Marcos Gonzalez Palma (Class of '08)

"It was the final day of shooting on the film Munich and we were deep in the heart of Brooklyn. I was talking with a crewmember when my name was suddenly called over the walkie. 'Report to camera immediately.'" - Sean Farrell

"In the summer of 1990, I became a DGA Trainee on the mean streets of New York. I was twenty one years old and a year out of college with a degree in film production that would never serve me any real purpose except as the prerequisite for the training program." - Jenn

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