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Marcos on set


Woke up this mornin'
Got myself a call

That's how it all started for me.

My 1st assignment was none other than the legendary HBO drama series, The Sopranos. Not only was I placed on one of the most prestigious shows to ever hit the TV screen, I was also going to be the last DGA Trainee working there, in its anxiously awaited final season.

Nothing can really prepare you for six intense months of hard work, lack of sleep, exposure to inclement weather, yells, falls, snow, rain, script revisions, misunderstandings, delays, change of schedules, multi colored memos, out times, running back and forth and back again. Nothing other than being there on set, next to the action, seeing it all happen.

During my tenure with The Sopranos, I had the pleasure of working alongside two former Trainees: Charlie Foster (2nd 2nd AD) and Henry Bronchtein (Co-Executive Producer), both of whom dedicated their time and effort to teach me a great deal.  But it was Henri, directing some 2nd unit scenes at the time, who gave me an incredible and rare opportunity.

“Marcos, DGA trainees never get the chance to set up Background. I know--I was one! So you might as well learn now because once you're done with your training, you'll be setting BG for a quite a while.” I took a step forward, looked up and answered,
 “Yes sir!”
Minutes later, I found myself in a darkened, narrow, and smoky hallway, directing two waiters…and eight topless Bada Bing strippers.

We all apply to the DGA program knowing that it will not be easy, that we will be facing rough and challenging work. We expect it to be that way.  We learn how to handle it.  But there is a little secret that not everybody talks about, and that is the unique sense of belonging that DGA trainees find in each particular assignment.  We are AD's in training, yes, but we are also there to build a family comprised of long lasting friends, weave a web of well-connected colleagues and be part of a story full of unforgettable moments recorded only in the minds of those behind the cameras.

As a Trainee, Marcos' assignments included "The Brotherhood", "Julie & Julia", "The Argentine" & "Doubt"

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