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Jeremy, in Greenland, on the set of "The Last Airbender"

JEREMY MARKS (Class of '09)

"The defining moment of my time in the Training Program came on my last job. I was ensconced in an Arctic snow-suit, standing on a cliff overlooking the iceberg-filled Disko Bay in Northern Greenland. While this was certainly an awe-inspiring moment, most important was that I was about to roll a camera for the first time. Dispatched by the First AD, himself a former trainee, to shoot a landscape that would pass as an icy fantasy world in "The Last Airbender", it was clear just how far my two years in the program had taken me. From college in Connecticut to beautiful Greenland, from studying films to actively making them, and from knowing next to nothing about how a film gets made to being trusted to set up and turn over film on a major Hollywood picture. It had been quite a trip.

Such opportunities are the hallmark of the Training Program. In a fast-paced, involved industry, being a Trainee affords you the opportunity to experience (and adapt to) new things, to ask questions, and to meet lots and lots of people. All this occurs while you are actively working in production of films and television. The Training Program is an osmotic process; Simply by doing you are developing. Jumping from project to project, you work closely with many different types of Directors, Producers and ADs and by the end, cultivate a style all your own. So while there is no guarantee of future success, standing on the frozen tundra I was amazed at how far I had gone."

In addition to "The Last Airbender", Jeremy's assignments included "Lipstick Jungle", "Bride Wars" & "Ugly Betty".

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